WVO Conversion Kit

Waste Vegetable Oil or Straight Vegetable Oil conversion kits require the installation of at least four new parts:

  1. Second fuel tank for the vegetable oil.
  2. Second set of fuel lines to the engine plus a valve to switch between vegetable oil and conventional diesel.
  3. Additional fuel filters.
  4. Fuel heaters to lower the viscosity of vegetable oil.

Once you have a WVO conversion set up, you can run your car on vegetable oil. It’s recommended to filter the oil at home through multiple filters before putting it in your car or truck’s vegetable oil tank.


Operating on Vegetable Oil

You must start and stop the engine on conventional diesel. This is because vegetable oil doesn’t burn as cleanly as conventional diesel at cold temperatures, so the engine must be warm to run on vegetable oil. Further to that, the oil may gum up fuel system components if it’s left to dry in the fuel system after the engine is stopped.

This is why you must always start and stop diesel engines on conventional diesel. This may be petrodiesel or even biodiesel, if you want to go completely carbon neutral.