SVO/WVO Fuel Tank

Engines running on vegetable oil must have a seperate fuel tank for the vegetable oil. This is because it’s important to start and stop the engine on petrodiesel or biodiesel. If engines are started on vegetable oil, they may not start at all because the vegetable oil is too viscous when cold.

If engines are stopped on vegetable oil, the vegetable oil residue in the fuel system may gum up and ruin the fuel system.

Fuel Tank

Biodiesel may to run in the conventional diesel tank. Please check with the manufacturer of your engine before running it on biodiesel. Even though biodiesel is closer to petrodiesel in it’s ability to burn than vegetable oil, there are fuel system components that do not always like biodiesel and may disintegrate or jam up if run on biodiesel.

Operating an engine on vegetable oil and starting and stopping on biodiesel gives you a carbon neutral vehicle and it’s something I try to achieve.

One manufacturer of conversion systems you might be interested in is ATG.