How to Make Biodiesel

Biodiesel can be made easily with easy to acquire ingredients. All you need is vegetable oil, methanol and a catalyst such as sodium hydroxide. Mix the three together and you have clean green biodiesel!

If you are making large quantities in batches, you might want to have additional storage facilities at home for biodiesel by buying extra tanks to store biodiesel at home.

If you are storing methanol, it must be kept cool and don’t let the vapours escape inside. It is a very volatile liquid and will form explosive vapours, so it should be kept in outside or ventilated storage containers. Biodiesel is less dangerous, but it is still a flammable liquid.

Catalysts are usually caustic materials, so don’t touch them or let them get wet. They can be stored in containers inside as long as they are in a safe area where they are unlikely to come in contact with water or spilt.

So if you are making big batches, it’s best to make the biodiesel instead of storing the chemicals that go into it, since it’s safer that way.